Taking your mobile app ideas from concept to delivery with our in-house core development team.
We provide webpage development mainly based on CMS systems.
With these you can involve the social community, develop brand awareness, engage existing and attract new customers.
We can help you to create ‘Citylight’ and billboard posters, issues (business cards, offline - documents and webpages/mobile apps).
We help you build up on your original mobile concept in order to create a stunning user friendly app.
We help you create a business model around your application.

What we do

E-beeze is a fast-moving mobile apps development and end-to-end solutions provider with a proven track record of quality applications including London 2012 Spogger app, Salsa Spogger app, Ombudsman complaints app, the SignTech app, and more. All our apps involve unique, innovative solutions to application processes and displays focused on resolving your challenges.



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E-beeze has developed the framework to replicate any form that you use and make it available as a digital solution.


Our doors are open to individuals across the globe and we welcome CV’s and applications for specific roles.

  • Nowadays almost everyone has smartphones or tablets (both in most cases). People use them for everything and there are apps to cater for almost any product or service. They can book cinema tickets, buy groceries, read a book, and check e-mails all via their mobile devices. Many companies, Amazon...
  • The members of the E-beeze team have set a new goal. We would like to unite salsa lovers in the U.K. by creating the ultimate salsa Web page and mobile app.We’re working on a project that will collect data from multiple salsa clubs in the U.K. in order to display their salsa events, weekenders and...

Web shops

We can extend your services on the digital platforms and maintain your online presence 24/7.

Event Directory App

These apps are useful when you have a major conference, or your company is dealing with time-to-time and recurring events.

Viral Facebook App

With these apps, you can involve the social community, develop brand awareness, engage existing customers and attract new ones.


We have vast experience with different CMS systems and can easily synchronise any blog with mobile apps on multiple platforms.

Form Apps

E-beeze has a framework to replicate any form you use and make it available digitally.